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Book a tax speaker, accounting expert or AI trainer for your upcoming event

Are you an accounting professional, business leader, or event organiser? Are you seeking expert speakers for in-house courses, trade shows, or other events? If so, look no further than 20:20 Innovation.

20:20 Innovation boasts industry-leading keynote speakers and workshop facilitators available for speaker bookings.

Whether it’s practical AI training, skills development or accountancy CPD event speakers, 20:20 Innovation can help create custom training sessions for your corporate or educational event.

You don’t need to be a 20:20 Innovation member to book, but members can enjoy discounted rates.

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Our Top Speakers for Accountants

If you book a 20:20 Innovation speaker, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most respected professionals in the accountancy field.

Sharon Cooke FCA CTA

As a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor, Sharon is renowned for her deep knowledge and engaging presentations on technical tax topics crucial to accountants in practice. Her expertise in business taxation in particular ensures that attendees gain valuable insights into current issues and best practices in the industry.

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Billie Mcloughlin ACCA

With a specialisation in optimising firm potential, Billie leverages her 13 years of experience and her ACCA membership to help firms streamline their teams, technology, and processes. Known as a 'cloud champion' and internal business development lead, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her sessions. Billie is a subject matter expert on the practical implementation of AI solutions in accountancy firms.

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Dave Norris BSC FCA

Dave is a leading lecturer and consultant in audit, financial reporting, and compliance. His extensive experience includes advising firms of all sizes on audit work and regulatory issues such as Anti-Money Laundering and Practice Assurance, making his lectures both comprehensive and highly informative. He's also known for his light-hearted presentation style interspersed with a joke or two!

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Why Book Our Speakers

Booking our speakers ensures that you receive unparalleled expertise and insights tailored to the needs of your accountancy practice or organisation.

Expertise and Experience: Our speakers are not only highly qualified professionals but also have decades of experience in the industry. Sharon, Billie, and Dave bring a blend of technical knowledge and practical experience, offering attendees actionable insights and strategies.

Tailored Content: Each speaker specialises in different aspects of accountancy and business development. Whether it's Sharon's focus on business taxation, Billie's expertise in AI and optimising firm operations, or Dave's extensive knowledge of audit and regulatory compliance, their content is tailored to address the specific challenges and opportunities in the accountancy field.

Engaging Delivery: Our speakers are known for their engaging and clear presentation styles. They excel at breaking down complex topics into understandable and actionable advice, ensuring that attendees leave with practical knowledge they can apply immediately.

By booking our speakers, you ensure that your event will be both informative and impactful, providing attendees with the tools and insights they need to succeed in their practices.

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Types of Events We Cover

Our speakers are available for numerous types of events, including:

  • CPD webinars and seminars
  • Conference and trade show keynote sessions
  • Accountancy practice training
  • Tax training
  • Finance industry speakers

Whatever your requirements, speak to our friendly team beforehand and we can ensure you get the best from your booking.

Session Topics

Please expand this section see our full range of topics and specialisms.

Speak to our team if you are looking for something not listed below - we may be able to create the content or otherwise help. We can also combine all or elements of the above to create bespoke content for you.

Speaker bookings for in-house courses, trade shows or other events

Topic ListingRecommended Duration
Tax Refreshers and Updates

Monthly Tax Update

1 Hour
Quarterly Tax Update2 Hours
Six Monthly Tax Update2 Hours
Annual Tax Update2 Hours
Budget Update2 Hours
Finance Act Update2 Hours
Basis Period Reform2 Hours
Cash Basis for Sole Traders and Partnerships - Advising on the new rules for April 20241 Hours
Corporation Tax - Dealing with Losses2 Hours
Top 10 Key Tax Issues in Practice1-2 Hours
Specialist Topics
Cryptoassets - Tax Implications2 Hours
Ethical Considerations
Ethics for Practicing Accountants

2 Hours

Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation (and HMRC's Standard for Agents)2 Hours
Risk and Regulations
Anti Money Laundering - Update and Refresher2 Hours
Anti Money Laundering - Introduction1 Hour
DPB and Consumer Credit - Update and Refresher2 Hours
Practice Assurance and General Compliance Update2 Hours
Probate Update and Refresher2 Hours
Auditing and Accounting Refreshers and Updates
Six Monthly Accounting Update2 Hours
Annual Accounting Update2 Hours
Six Monthly Audit Update2 Hours
Annual Audit Update2 Hours
Six Monthly Audit and Accounts Update2 Hours
Annual Audit and Accounts Update2 Hours
Audit Compliance - Regulatory Hot Spots2 Hours
Directors' Transactions - Accounting and Legal Issues2 Hours
Responsible Individuals - the Key Traits of a Good RI2 Hours
Tax Update for Audit and Accounts Teams2 Hours
Practice Development
Being a Successful Partner or Sole Practitioner1 Hour
How to Make Your Practice More Efficient with Integration and Automation1 Hour
Marketing Your Firm in 2024 - Why and How1 Hour
Power Up Your Profits1 Hour
Pricing with Confidence1-2 Hours
Recruitment and Retention - Key Strategies for 20241 Hour
Team Structure for Optimum Results1 Hour
Tech, AI and Human Skills - Optimising the Balance1 Hour
The Modern Accountancy Practice - How to Get There1 Hour
Top 5 Practice Issues - Finding Solutions1 Hour
Tech and AI
Chatbots Explained - What You Need to Know1 Hour
What is a Tech Stack and How to Build One1 Hour
Generative AI Breakthroughs and How to Use Them in Your Practice1 Hour
Navigating the Future of Accounting with ChatGPT - An Introduction1 Hour
Strategy for Technology and AI in 20241 Hour
The Future of Accounting with Generative AI - Advanced Strategies and Insights1 Hour
Personal Development and Advisory Services
Becoming the Virtual Financial Officer for Your Clients1 Hour
Being an Effective Manager1-2 Hours
Client Service - Your First Impression1 Hour
Negotiating with Impact1 Hour
Productivity Maximisation - Cutting Out the Distractions1 Hour
Review Skills - Effective Review of Work Created by Humans or AI1 Hour

Speaking Pricing and How to Book

To request a speaker booking, kindly fill in your details on the form below and a member of the team will be in touch to plan the perfect session with you.

Prices start at £1,650+VAT with discounts for 20:20 Innovation members.

The fee includes pre-event scoping and a copy of the presentation and any materials used.

Recording is not only permitted but encouraged as part of best-practice CPD. We can facilitate this if required.

CPD certificates can be provided if required.

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