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We have worked hard to create a brand and identity that truly reflects 20:20 Innovation. We believe our branding represents our commitment to innovation and excellence, also embodying our values and vision. It also looks great!

Are you searching for the 20:20 Innovation logo?

We are thrilled when individuals express interest in discussing or mentioning 20:20 Innovation. So, here are some logo options that you can utilise.

Full Colour Version

Use on light, plain backgrounds


Whiteout Version

Use on dark or patterned backgrounds


Reversed Version

Use on dark or patterned backgrounds


Usage and restrictions

Before downloading, we’d be grateful if you could spare a few moments to read our brand guidelines on how the 20:20 Innovation brand should be used:

  • Please don’t change the colour or dimensions of the 20:20 Innovation logo
  • Please don’t stretch or squeeze it. Adhere to the original height-to-width ratio
  • Please don’t change the 20:20 Innovation logos in any way