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Help your clients get control of their financial health.

We’re passionate about your small businesses clients, so we’ve partnered with Capitalise to help you go beyond the basics for your clients.

Specialising in business credit score and funding tools, with Capitalise, your firm can give your clients:

  • The ability to view their Experian powered credit profiles
  • Get deep financial insights into their cashflow, identifying potential risks and opportunities
  • Get their credit score professionally reviewed by Experian with Capitalise’s Credit Review Service
  • Find business funding and other advisory services that is right for them

Why does this matter?

By giving your clients access to Capitalise and their Experian powered credit profile, they can take control of:

  • Get better supplier terms
  • Know what credit terms to offer customers
  • Identifying which clients to work with or not
  • Access better rates for funding

Capitalise provides full training, CPD accredited courses, and a tailored roll out plan to support you and your firm.

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