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Home / Install Instructions for Tax Tips & Tools

  1. Download the product from here - https://www.2020innovation.com/files/documents/file-downloads/TTT23setup.zip
  2. Open the Zipp folder that was downloaded and select the TTT23setup file
  3. You may get a warning (as per below) – Select More info (as highlighted below) then a box will appear, select Run anyway (this is just a Windows warning to protect your PC. This product has been fully tested, so you are ok to proceed with the install.)

   4. You will then likely get a message similar to the below, select Yes

  5. The install procedures will then begin. Select I accept the agreement and then Next

  6. Browse to the appropriate drive you wish to software to download to – this may be your local PC or a network drive at your office. Then select Next

  7. Tick the box Create a desktop shortcut and then Next

  8. Then Install