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2024/25 Scottish and Welsh Budgets

10 Jan 2024

Key Tax Information for the Scottish and Welsh Budget 2024/25

The Scottish and Welsh Budgets were both published on 19 December 2023. Scotland and Wales typically publish their budgets after the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, in which the UK Government allocates money to its devolved administrations.

Scottish and Welsh Governments have power to set some, but not all, taxes. Read on for news on the devolved taxes and other topics that may be of interest to taxpayers in Scotland and Wales.

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Scottish Budget 2024 25

Let's look at the key implications of the Scottish budget 2024 25, announced by the SNP in Scottish parliament:

Scottish rate of income tax (SRIT)

SRIT is paid by taxpayers whose main residence has a Scottish postcode. The rates and bands shown below apply to the taxpayer’s earned income (i.e. non-savings, non-dividend income). For those with savings and dividend income, the rates and bands applicable to the rest of the UK apply, because income tax on those types of income has not been devolved. Scottish taxpayers also benefit from the UK personal allowance.

The 2024/25 Budget included uplifts to the Starter and Basic rate bands, although the Higher Rate threshold is maintained at its current level above inflation. A new ‘Advanced’ rate is applicable to income between £75,001 and £125,140. The Top rate of tax is increased by 1p to 48%; no other rates are changed.

Scottish government building where Scottish landfill tax was discussed

SRIT at a glance

IncomeRate (%)IncomeRate (%)
Personal Allowance (if applicable)Up to £12,5700Up to £12,5700
Starter£12,571 – £14,87619£12,571 - £14,73219
Basic£14,877 – £26,56120£14,733 - £25,68820
Intermediate£26,562 – £43,66221£25,689 - £43,62221
Higher£43,663 – £75,00042£43,623 - £125,14042
Advanced£75,001 – £125,14045N/AN/A
TopOver £125,14048Over £125,14047

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT)

The current LBTT rates and thresholds will be maintained and first-time buyer relief for residential properties will continue.

LBTT at a glance

Residential Band (£)Rate (%)Non-residential Band (£)Rate (%)
0 – 145,00000 – 150,0000
145,001 – 250,0002150,001 – 250,0001
250,001 – 325,0005Over 250,000


325,001 – 750,00010
Over 750,00012

First-Time Buyer relief may apply on the first £175,000 of residential purchases. If buying an additional residential property, the 6% Additional Dwelling Supplement will apply to the residential rates above.

Scottish Government Business Rates

Scottish non-domestic rates and reliefs are confirmed annual in the Budget. It was announced that the Basic Property Rate will be frozen for 2024/25. A new 100% will be offered to hospitality businesses located on Scottish Islands. Enterprise Area relief was set to end in March 2024 but will now be phased out over a further two years until 2025/26.

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Welsh Budget 2024

Let's look at the key implications of the Welsh Budget for 2024:

Welsh Rates of Income Tax (WRIT)

Income Tax is only partially devolved to the Welsh Government. The UK Government reduces each of the three income tax rates for Welsh taxpayers by 10p. The Welsh Government then decides on the level at which to set the WRIT. The power to set different income tax bands and thresholds is not devolved. The Budget announced that 2024/25 WRIT for the Basic, Higher and Additional rates bands will be set at 10p. When the WRIT is added to the UK income tax rates (that have already been reduced by 10p for Welsh taxpayers), the effective rates are the same as those applying to England and Northern Ireland (Basic rate 20%, Higher rate 40% and Additional Rate 45%).

Welsh and Scottish flags

Land Transaction Tax (LTT)

No changes were announced regarding the rates and bands of LTT, which have been at their current levels since 10 October 2022.

LTT at a glance

Residential LTT Rates
Main RatesHigher Rates for Additional Properties
Price Threshold (£)LTT Rate (%)Price Threshold (£)LTT Rate (%)
0 – 225,00000 – 180,0004
225,001 – 400,0006181,000 – 250,0007.5
400,001 – 750,0007.5250,001 – 400,0009
750,001 – 1.5 million10400,001 – 750,00011.5
Over 1.5 million12750,001 – 1.5 million14
Over 1.5 million16
LTT Non-Residential Main Rates
Price Threshold (£)LTT Rate (%)
0 – 225,0000
225,001 – 250,0001
250,001 – 1 million5
Over 1 million6

Article showing Scottish government remains committed to devolved building safety levy

Welsh Business Rates

The increase to the Non-Domestic Rates (NDR) multiplier in Wales will be capped at 5% for 2024-25. In addition, the Welsh Government has committed to provide a fifth successive year of support for retail, leisure and hospitality businesses. Eligible ratepayers will receive 40% NDR relief for the duration of 2024-25. As in previous years, the relief will be capped at £110,000 per business across Wales.

What next?

Income Tax, Stamp Duty-equivalent taxes, Non-domestic Rates, Council Tax and Landfill Tax are currently the only taxes that are fully or partially devolved to Scotland and Wales. This means that Scottish and Welsh taxpayers will also be affected by the UK Budget that is set to take place on 6 March 2024.

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