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FYI Software brings greater collaboration with SharePoint integration

25 Jul 2023

Collaboration using the latest technology is becoming key to the effectiveness of many accountancy firms, particularly in light of changing work practices and expectations of clients.

To empower firms to achieve more, FYI Software has revealed its latest and most exciting update to its collaboration tool – its Microsoft SharePoint integration – enabling firms to brand their portal and provide full collaboration tools for their clients.

With a radical rewrite of the FYI collaboration, firms can take full advantage of the advanced functionality that comes as standard with SharePoint.

This includes the powerful functionality associated with Azure AD, which provides multi-factor authentication to further enhance the platform’s robust security infrastructure.

However, with the power of SharePoint, there is a level of complexity in managing the shared environment. And this is where FYI step in.

FYI has worked incredibly hard to allow users to manage much of the configuration and day-to-day maintenance of the portal from within the user-friendly FYI environment.

How does FYI Software’s SharePoint B2B collaboration with Azure AD help users?

With this latest innovation, FYI users can invite external users to collaborate on documents and projects without having to create a Microsoft account.

For those with existing Microsoft accounts authentication is seamless, but more importantly for those clients without an Office 365 licence, it brings SharePoint authentication to them without the expense associated with this popular software platform.

For users with, for example, Gmail email addresses, once the organisation has enabled guest sharing and allowed users to invite guests with email addresses, they can log in to SharePoint using a one-time passcode sent to their email address.

In all cases, when a guest logs in to SharePoint, they are assigned a temporary security token that allows them to access the resources they have been granted access to by the firm.

This token expires after a certain period but gives them full access to the files required without the ongoing costs of maintaining a Microsoft licence.

Most firms recognise the benefit of their clients being able to self-serve and many clients also need to access documents outside of core office hours.

Unfortunately, there’s been a reluctance in some of the client base to use yet another portal with yet another username and password to manage.

In launching this innovation, FYI is helping firms bring greater cloud collaboration to many more clients of accounting firms than ever before without the need for additional complexity or investment from businesses.

To find out more about FYI Software and its latest collaboration developments, please visit their Partner Resource Centre page and complete their contact form.