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Networking and training for accountants at events

11 Jan 2024

Accounting professionals are often blessed with a huge range of technical skills. That said, being fantastic networkers isn't often one of the more synonymous. If you're an accountant who values professional development, formal networking groups and events are essential.

On 29th February 2024, 20:20 Innovation will host a Spring Conference at the heart of London's financial district. It's a perfect opportunity for accounting and finance professionals to meet key influencers and make meaningful connections with hundreds of your peers.

This article looks at the wider benefits of networking and training events for accountants and why you should take a more proactive position in this area.

If you are an accountant in practice or industry and would like more information about becoming a 20:20 Innovation member, why not book a free 30-minute demo with our team today.

What are training and networking events?


Formal ongoing training is key to your continued professional development as an accountant. This is very much an industry of lifelong learning, and a training event is a great way to hone and refine your skillset.

Training events come in the form of:

  • Classes
  • Lectures
  • CPD webinars
  • Mentorship
  • Niche training – for things like property sector, technology, bookkeeping, CIS returns or taxation

No matter what your current role is in your firm, keeping your technical skills up to date via training events is an important part of your career advancement.


Networking events can take many forms. From corporate sporting groups to team building exercises, networking and training in a formal setting can be hugely beneficial to accounting professionals.

Typical training and networking events include:

  • Seminars
  • Job fairs
  • Mentoring fairs
  • Round table forums
  • Lectures
  • Q&A sessions
  • Leadership summits
  • Conferences

In all cases the event may be hosted by an individual, a training provider, an employer, or, professional associations.

Speaker encourages regular networking

Why should accountants join formal networking groups?

As well as the opportunity to meet key stakeholders, formal networking groups can be a fantastic way to increase your client base. Introducing yourself to new acquaintances may well expose you to new business contacts.

Remember, during any professional exchanges, ask informed questions and stay connected with new contacts post-event.

Accountants chat during charity days

What are the benefits of networking and training events?

Networking and training events like the 20:20 Innovation Spring Conference bring many opportunities for career advancement. Keynote speakers who deliver talks tend to be industry experts who can help shape and optimise your professional standards.

Two accountants sit in a training lecture

A good agenda will highlight many valuable insights, including the latest industry trends. It’s an opportunity for accountants to come together to look at best practice, simple tips and making contact with other professionals.

Any accountant or tax professional looking to stay abreast of an ever-evolving landscape should look at networking and training events as an essential part of your ongoing development.

Team drinks after a training conference

Book Your Spring Conference 2024 Place

Do networking and training events count towards CPD?

Whilst graduate or alumni groups are generally more socially focused, formal training and networking events normally offer CPD. A good event will be able to deliver verifiable CPD and a certificate you can evidence to professional associations.

The 20:20 Innovation Spring Conference offers 5.25 hours of verifiable CPD for attendees which is a popular way for accountants to contribute towards your CPD target surrounded by other professionals.

Dr Daniel Susskind at the 2020 Innovation Annual Conference

20:20 Innovation Spring Conference attendance

20:20 Innovation, one of the UK’s leading training providers for accounting practitioners, hold conferences bi-annually. These events often present both members and non-members with the most important opportunities to discuss changing professional standards in a calendar year.

Our conferences give accountants and finance professionals a unique chance to stay on top of developments in your field as well as giving you an opportunity to network with a diverse range of attendees from senior accountants to interesting newcomers to the profession.

Adventureman at the 2020 Innovation Annual Conference

Can 20:20 Innovation help with networking and training?

20:20 Innovation are a premier provider of high quality ongoing training and development for more than 1,200 accounting firms in the UK. Thousands of accountants have access to our range of online CPD webinars and 500+ resources to ensure they are continually ahead of the curve.

Join us at our Spring Conference on 29th February 2024 at ETC Venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3YD

If you would like more information about joining 20:20 Innovation why not book a free 30-minute demo with our team today or call us on +44 (0) 121 314 2020.

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