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Reorienting Our Offshoring Arrangement: Focusing on Value

26 Jun 2024

Written by Pinnacle Global

Simply selling hours or personnel on a regular basis is no longer a sufficient offshoring strategy. It's time to reevaluate the approach towards offshoring arrangements from a value proposition perspective.

Our goal is to define and deliver tangible value that enhances your practice, business, or clients. So, how do we achieve this transformation?

Setting Value-Driven Targets

Instead of just providing hours or people, we propose setting specific drafting targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on an annual basis, with regular monthly monitoring. This approach ensures that the contributions of our team are quantifiable and aligned with your firm's objectives.

Example: Accounts Preparation Services

Take our accounts preparation services, for instance. We can establish monthly targets for our preparers. For example, a target of drafting up to £15,000 worth of accounts per month by a full-time preparer. Of course, this target will vary depending on your firm's specific fee structure and client pricing.

This method allows you to clearly see the amount of work our team produces each month. By annualizing these figures, you can evaluate the significant contribution our team makes to your firm's productivity. In this example, a full-time accountant could contribute approximately £180,000 per year, while you incur around £15,000 annually for their services.

Defining Value in Other Functions

This value-oriented approach isn't limited to accounts preparation. We can establish similar value metrics for various functions such as:

  • Bookkeeping: Number of clients served monthly, number of VAT returns processed, and fees generated on a pro-rata basis.
  • Payroll: Number of payslips generated per month.
  • Tax Returns: Monthly targets for tax returns filed.

Becoming an Integral Part of Your Operations

Our ultimate aim is to provide visible, measurable value to your firm or business, making us an indispensable part of your operations. We want to transition from being viewed as an overhead cost to becoming a core component of your staffing and payroll budget.

By redefining our offshoring arrangement through a value proposition lens, we ensure that our partnership not only meets your immediate needs but also contributes significantly to your long-term success.

We go beyond traditional offshoring services by keeping the value that we provide at the core of our service. Here’s how we make a difference:

Staff Capacity Insurance

We ensure that your business never faces a shortage of skilled staff. Our robust staffing solutions provide consistent support, so you always have the right number of qualified professionals to meet your needs.


The way our services are designed, they easily scale with your business. Whether you're looking to expand rapidly or need flexible staffing during peak periods, Pinnacle adapts to your growth trajectory seamlessly.

Staff Retention in the UK

We help you retain your top talent by offloading routine tasks and allowing your core team to focus on strategic, high-value activities. This is effective in boosting employee satisfaction and reducing turnover.

Business Growth

By handling your back-office operations, we free up your resources, enabling you to focus on expanding your core business activities and driving growth.

Improved Profitability and Cash Flow

Our cost-effective offshoring services lead to significant savings, directly impacting your bottom line. Improved cash flow gives you the flexibility to invest in new opportunities and innovations.

Enhanced Business Valuation

Our strategic offshoring partnership enhances your business valuation by improving operational efficiency, profitability, and scalability, making your business more attractive to investors.


Reorienting our offshoring arrangement involves moving beyond merely selling hours or personnel and focusing on delivering tangible value that enhances your practice, business, or clients. Our strategy aims to define and deliver this value through measurable targets and KPIs, ensuring contributions are aligned with your firm's objectives.

  • Value-Driven Targets: Set specific drafting targets and KPIs, monitored monthly.
  • Example: Accounts preparation services targeting £15,000 worth of accounts per month per preparer.
  • Broader Application: Establish similar metrics for bookkeeping, payroll, and tax returns.
  • Integral Operations: Transition from being an overhead cost to an essential part of staffing and payroll.

We aim to provide visible, measurable value, making us indispensable to your operations. Our offshoring services ensure staff capacity, scalability, staff retention, business growth, profitability, and enhanced business valuation. By redefining our offshoring arrangement, we contribute significantly to your long-term success.

You can find out more about Pinnacle Global via their Partner Resource Centre page.