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Working with Virtual Workforce and Offshore Team: A Guide

27 Sept 2023

For more than a decade, Frontline has been the trusted offshore provider in the Philippines for accounting firms all over the world. And we have impressive news!

We employ approximately 600 people across a dozen companies in the US, the UK, and Australia and have continued to grow smoothly.

Working with a virtual team may be an entirely new and unfamiliar world to some firms. Now, more and more software and applications are available that you can utilise and integrate in your accounting firm. If you leverage the technology available now, you can set up your firm for more success and improve the quality of life you and your onshore team have. This is the game changer in the accounting landscape today. A lot of firms have seen the value and are now reaping the benefits of having an offshore team. In this article, you will learn how you can set up your own offshore team successfully with Frontline’s three core tips.

  1. System. A good system points your team on the right path. No correct system in place will result in deficient performance, undefined procedures, the need for extensive training and staff underperformance. You may click here and get a copy of our book, ‘Offshore or Die’. In Chapter 4, page 92, one of our directors talks about the importance of having a Systems Manual.
  1. Capacity to train. Like with any new team member, you need to have time for training your offshore team to familiarise them with how your firm operates. This is a continuous investment so your entire team can efficiently work together. On top of that, staff training is necessary. Doing so will enhance and improve staff’s job skills to bring more value to your firm in the long run.
  1. Monitoring. By having effective systems and proper training, you can achieve a high level of staff performance. If you are lost in the concept of working remotely, having a trusted offshore partner will help ensure you work seamlessly with your remote team members. They will assist in bridging cultural and logistical divides, creating a strong relationship between you and your offshore team.

By now, you've probably come to the conclusion that coordinating with your remote or offshore staff is a breeze. Many organisations already have the components, and the offshore team only needs a few additional technologies to become an integral part of the business.

Now, check your own accounting firm.

Will hiring offshore make a difference in how you run your business?

Learn more about what we shared in this article through our UK Director, Mark McNee. You may click here to book a time with him.

You can find out more from Frontline via their Partner Resource Centre page.