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Joe O'Connor

Joe is the Director and Co-founder of the world's first Centre of Excellence in Work Time Reduction, a global partnership initiative with leading people-first transformation company Curium Solutions which is headquartered in Canada.

Previously, as the chief executive officer of 4 Day Week Global, Joe led the design and implementation of four-day week trials all over the world, supporting hundreds of employers and thousands of employees to make the transition to reduced-hour, productivity-focused working in 2022.

Joe recently led a research project on work time reduction as a visiting research scholar with Cornell University in New York City. He is now based in Toronto, where he heads up Canadian operations for Curium Solutions in addition to directing the Work Time Reduction Centre of Excellence.

Joe is also formerly the chairperson of the Four Day Week Ireland campaign, having founded the coalition in 2019, where he developed the world's first four-day week pilot program and research project in 2021 upon which the global trials were modelled. He has been active on the issue of working time reduction since 2018 when he organized a major international conference on ‘The Future of Working Time’.

Joe will be presenting his 'Finding More Time' session at our 25th Annual Conference.