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John Borland

All of my work is geared towards empowering individuals, teams and whole organisations to become better. From the individual to the team, the boardroom to the entire business, I’m passionate about helping people to grow, through my down-to-earth and straight-forward style.

I’m an Accredited Master Coach, Trainer, Speaker, critically acclaimed Author and host of my own podcast show.

I’m also the co-founder and director of Spacious, a thriving coaching and training company in the north of England, where I spend my days coaching individuals, delivering training for teams, and speaking to larger audiences at conferences and events.

I’m a father to three very different kids, and along with my wife we all live in the middle of a village in North Lincolnshire. I spent my early life dreaming of being a professional footballer and after a very brief playing career, I headed off to university to study Theology. From there I found my way into the world of living and working with people in deprived communities. It was in these years I learnt the most about human behaviour, the power of belief and what it takes to truly connect.

Since qualifying as a coach in 2008 and setting up my first coaching practice, I have worked with children, Chief Executives, and everybody in between. I have delivered tens of thousands of hours of coaching, have written a couple of books, trained hundreds of people and have had the privilege of being invited to speak across the UK to a whole host of audiences.