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Fact Sheets

Handy information on a wide range of property-related issues, ready for you to pass on to your clients – we add a new fact sheet each month

FACT SHEET 42 - Beware of property tax avoidance schemes
FACT SHEET 41 - Land remediation relief
FACT SHEET 40 - VAT on letting holiday accommodation
FACT SHEET 39 - Expenses and vacant property
FACT SHEET 38 - Renters reform
FACT SHEET 37 - Purchase Lease Options
FACT SHEET 35 - Reporting capital gains tax due on UK property
FACT SHEET 34 - Compensation and dilapidations
FACT SHEET 33 - Making Tax Digital for Property Landlords
FACT SHEET 32 - Commonhold vs leasehold
FACT SHEET 31 - Flat management companies and tax
FACT SHEET 30 - Why you shouldn't buy a holiday let if you intend to stay in it
FACT SHEET 29 - How to create a group using share exchange
FACT SHEET 28 - Should landlords set up a limited company
FACT SHEET 27 - What is the construction industry scheme cis
FACT SHEET 26 - How to account for a property management company
FACT SHEET 25 - Do you need a 5 VAT certificate for construction work
FACT SHEET 24 - When to recognise revenue on services provided
FACT SHEET 23 - What are allowable property expenses
FACT SHEET 22 - What landlords should know about clause 24
FACT SHEET 21 - How to check if your supplier invoice is correct for input tax
FACT SHEET 20 - How to account for construction retentions
FACT SHEET 19 - How to get a post transaction valuation check cg34
FACT SHEET 18 - Business expenses if you don't charge a market rent
FACT SHEET 17 - Multiple Dwellings Relief MDR
FACT SHEET 16 - How to pay interest to a director or individual lender ct61
FACT SHEET 15 - How to complete a monthly CIS return
FACT SHEET 14 - Replacement of domestic items rdi relief
FACT SHEET 13 - Is it a repair or improvement
FACT SHEET 12 - How to register and set up your Government Gateway account
FACT SHEET 11 - VAT rules for serviced accommodation 1
FACT SHEET 9 - Can I transfer my investment income to my spouse
FACT SHEET 8 - How does the rent a room scheme work
FACT SHEET 7 - CIS - Are you a property investor or developer
Fact Sheet 6 - How to claim your £1000 property allowance
Fact Sheet 5 - Whats the difference between cash accounting and traditional accounting
Fact Sheet 4 - How do you register for CIS
Fact Sheet 3 - How does the finance cost allowance actually work
Fact Sheet 2 - Rules for CIS contractors
Fact Sheet 1 - Furnished Holiday Lets