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21 Nov 2024

Audit Compliance - Common Issues raised by the QAD

Content coming soon


07 Jun 2022

Audit Compliance, Practice Assurance & Money Laundering Update

The cpd webinar will keep you up to date with latest changes relating to audit compliance,...


21 Nov 2023

Audit Compliance: Key Findings from Regulatory Reviews and How to tackle Them

The overriding objective is to ensure that those attending have an awareness of regulatory...


03 Jun 2024

Audit Quality - Getting it Right First Time

Audit quality is a must and with the new quality management standards in place we have a r...


28 Feb 2024

Audit Quality - ISQM One Year On

This course contains a refresher on the ISQM (UK) 1 and 2 regimes including the approach f...


17 Jul 2024

Audit Quality - Root Cause Analysis

ISQM 1 (the IAASB’s international quality management standard) requires that Root Cause An...


10 Sept 2024

Audit Update (Autumn)

To provide auditors with the latest revisions to ISAs and guidance from regulators for the...


18 Mar 2024

Audit Update (Spring)

This session will keep attendees up to speed with the very significant changes in audit. T...


21 Mar 2023

Audit Update (Spring)

Check out the upcoming auditing and accounting webinar, the spring audit update for 2023. ...


17 Mar 2021

Auditing accounting estimates and the related disclosures (ISA 540)


22 Jun 2021

Auditing Revenue

As often one of the largest and more significant figures in the financial statements, reve...


31 Oct 2022

Autumn Audit Update (Date change)

The going concern assumption impacts on the presentation of the financial statements and f...


18 Nov 2022

Autumn Statement 2022 – 7 key points for busy practitioners

Following the Autumn Statement announcement on 17th November, we have written a blog outli...


23 Nov 2023

Autumn Statement 2023 - Hot off the press

This webinar runs in the morning of 23 November 2023, after our team have poured over the ...


08 Apr 2022

Basis Period Reform – for self-employed individuals and all partnerships/partners

New legislation taking effect in 2023/24 will affect non-corporate trading businesses that...


28 May 2024

Basis Period Reform: how to complete the self assessment tax return for the 2023/24 transitional year

20:20 Innovation explore Basis Period Reform. The 2024/25 tax year sees sole traders and i...


27 Feb 2024

Basis Periods - The Year of Transition

The webinar will refresh delegates on the Reform of Basis Periods for Income Tax and highl...


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