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15 Sept 2023

Become superhuman with the help of FYI

FYI’s efficient document management and process automation engine is empowering accountanc...


08 Feb 2023

Becoming a Responsible Individual

Understand the different competencies an RI is required to demonstrate and how the RI and ...


04 Oct 2023

Becoming the Virtual Financial Officer for Your Clients

It may seem daunting offering additional services to your clients and sometimes hard to ma...


Begbies Traynor

Benefit from the experience of true insolvency experts


25 Sept 2024

Being a Successful Partner or Sole Practitioner

Explore the world of leadership in accounting and overcome the challenges that come with r...


04 Jun 2024

Being an Effective Manager

While firms may use the term “manager” differently, most firms will have a level of staff ...


28 Mar 2023

Benefits of Offshoring


01 Feb 2024

Beyond Compliance - Navigating the Future of Accounting

In the dynamic landscape of accounting, compliance has long served as the bedrock of servi...


Book a Demo

When you join 20:20 Innovation, you’ll have your own Customer Account Manager as your main...


Book Expert Speakers for In-House Courses and Events

Work with 20:20 Innovation to find top speakers for in-house courses, trade shows, and eve...


Branded Tax Rates Guide PDF

20:20 Innovation offer accountants a branded PDF containing the latest tax rates for the f...


05 Jun 2024

Branding for accountants: Strategies for success

For accounting firms a strong brand identity sets you apart from the competition. This com...


29 Mar 2023

Budget 2023: Key Issues to talk about with your clients

From the Spring Budget announcement on 15th March, we summarise the key issues in our late...


07 Mar 2024

Budget Update

This webinar is scheduled to run on the day following the Budget announcement and will kee...


17 Mar 2023

Budget Update

These tax titles have been handpicked by Technical Director Sharon Cooke, to ensure that d...


21 Jun 2023

Budgeting and Accounting for HR and L&D Professionals

This webinar is designed to help non-accountants, especially those working in HR and  L&D,...


17 Apr 2024

Busting Myths About Offshore Accounting: A Reality Check

Welcome back accountants to the tax realm. Let’s not lose sight of excitement for 2024 Off...


24 Apr 2024

Can directors be held liable for company debt?

While limited liability provides valuable protection, caution still needs to be taken to a...

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