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19 May 2022

Company and Business Law Update

Objectives This fast paced and informative update is designed to raise awareness of the m...


22 Jan 2020

Completion Stage of an Audit and Auditing Disclosures

This 2020 Audit and Auditing Disclosures webinar will cover various steps in performing th...


23 Apr 2024

Compliance Confidence: An Accountants’ Masterclass

As the tax year draws to a close, be armed with a suite of tools that not only recalibrate...


26 Sept 2023

Construction Industry Scheme – The Latest Tax Considerations

This very practical tax webinar will consider all the latest construction industry scheme ...


28 May 2024

Construction Industry Tax Refresher and Planning


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We make it easy for you to integrate into your website, not matter what platform it is bui...



Offer your clients a complete financial-planning service


09 Jun 2022

Corporate Governance in reality

Objectives; In a fast paced, increasingly complex business environment, we need to ensure ...


24 Jan 2023

Corporate Groups - A Tax Refresher

Attende the upcoming topical tax refresher webinar covering - Corporate groups. The topics...


02 Mar 2023

Corporate Insolvency - Guiding Corporate Clients in Challenging Times

The purpose of this seminar is to give the audience an understanding of the issues facing ...


03 May 2023

Corporation Tax - Update and Topical Issues

These tax titles have been handpicked by Technical Director Sharon Cooke, to ensure that d...


20 May 2024

Corporation Tax – Dealing with Losses

With the new corporation tax rates fully in operation, this webinar serves as a reminder o...


20 Feb 2024

Could there be changes to the High Income Child Benefit Charge?

Explore this 20:20 Innovation article on the impact of potential HICBC changes in the late...


13 Nov 2023

CPD - maximising value while complying with changing rules

In this one-hour overview, we consider quality over quantity when it comes to CPD. Yes, we...


12 Dec 2023

CPD Compliance: Question Time with the ICAEW on the New Regime

To help ICAEW members and firms understand the new ICAEW CPD requirements that took effect...


12 Jun 2024

Creative Problem Solving

Our world is dominated by regulatory requirements. However, AI and technology are challeng...


18 Jul 2024

Cryptoassets - Identifying and Dealing with Taxable Transactions


02 Feb 2023

Cryptocurrency - What You and Your Clients Need to Know

To understand and apply the basics of reporting Crypto income and gains.

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