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Dr Hazel Harrison

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We all know how to take care of our physical health (eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep) but we tend to know less about how to take care of our emotional health and wellbeing. In this session, Dr Hazel Harrison (Clinical Psychologist) will share with us some of the latest research from neuroscience and psychology to help us understand more about the small simple steps we can take to increase our wellbeing, build our resilience and feel more energised in our lives.

This session is relevant to those looking to work on their own wellbeing as well as those who wish to support colleagues and team members.

Key Topics

In this session Dr Hazel will unpick these key questions:

  • What does wellbeing really mean?
  • How can you give your wellbeing a boost?
  • What are the things you should prioritise when thinking about taking care of your wellbeing longer term?

Who should attend

Those interested in improving or maintaining their own wellbeing or wishing to be able to support colleagues and team members in difficult times.