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Dave Broadbent

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The purpose of this seminar is to give the audience an understanding of the issues facing corporate clients, and how an Insolvency Practitioner can assist with same. In particular, we will be focusing on how COVID (and the subsequent lockdowns) effected corporate businesses – although funding schemes put in place assisted directors at the time, we will examine how companies are now struggling to meet the subsequent repayments.

Key Topics

  • How did COVID (and the subsequent lockdowns) effect small businesses
  • What assistance was put in place by the Government, and how was this obtained
  • Two years on, how are businesses now dealing with the repayments
  • What is the attitude of the Government to directors of companies that are unable to repay Bounce Back Loans
  • How are H M Revenue & Customs dealing with businesses that are unable to repay their taxes
  • How can an Insolvency Practitioner help, and what are the options available to my client (including several worked examples)
  • Spotting issues (before they happen) and planning for the future

Who Should Attend

Accountants (either sole-traders / small firms / Partners withing larger organisations) Student accountants looking to expand their knowledge on insolvency