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Billie Mcloughlin

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What's Included

  • Expert Knowledge from an Industry-Leading Speaker
  • Verifiable CPD hours
  • CPD Tracking and Certificate
  • Live Webinar (if a future date is listed) with Q&A
  • The Recording of the Event
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We will reveal the recent breakthroughs in the world of Generative AI, providing accountants with a deep understanding of what is on offer.

Learn how to integrate these advancements into your practice, amplifying efficiency and develop new avenues for growth though innovation.

Key topics

  • Understanding Generative AI, from the concept through to potential uses
  • Identifying areas within your practice ideal for Generative AI integration
  • Strategies for leveraging Generative AI for you and your clients including case studies
  • Addressing concerns: Ensuring ethical use and data security when using Generative AI.

Who should attend

Accountants and financial professionals eager to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, looking to incorporate AI into their services.