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Gordon Gilchrist

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With guidelines from various Institutes and Associations of accountants (in 2022 for ICAEW), the importance of measuring client satisfaction has moved up a notch – not that that should have been a reason, but knowing what your best clients care about, how they rate your firm, whether they are thinking of leaving you and what other services might the be interested in buying seems like invaluable information – information which you can obtain, quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively

Key topics

This webinar will address:

  • How to go about carrying out a client satisfaction survey and give you quality information about your top clients - – a methodology that most importantly, typically gets feedback from 95% of your best clients
  • Benchmarking your own client survey against some of the best independent firms in the world
  • What have other firms done successfully to improve areas of weakness
  • Communicating the results with the entire team and ensuring everybody is on board

Who should attend

Anybody in the practice who is interested in understanding what clients care about and how they rate maximising the value of the business, care about making money. Knowing what can be done (which requires nothing more than knowledge and the right attitude!)