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Billie Mcloughlin

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Explore integration and automation and how it is essential when trying to achieve a seamless, efficient, and profitable accounting practice. This session will highlight tools and strategies to optimise workflows, saving both time and resources and enhancing team and client satisfaction along the way.

Key Topics

  • Fundamentals of tools required and how to choose them to achieve a streamlined workflow – from clients’ cloud data through to our working papers (and compliance checklists), tax and accounts software and the final output to the client.
  • Identifying potential areas in accounting processes that would benefit from automation, with a key focus on onboarding; from issuing quotes and engagement letters through to the required anti-money-laundering (AML) processes and setting the client up on your customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Best practices to ensure data accuracy while automating tasks.
  • Establish the return on investment (ROI) from efficient processes and reduced re-keying of data.
  • Meeting and exceeding client expectations through swift services, added-value reports, proactive advice and enhancing team satisfaction and performance at the same time. Including how to achieve ‘Real Time Information’ for your clients.

While this webinar will touch on AML processes, this is from an efficiency point of view. Our separate AML webinars (see the Risk and Regulation category) should be referred to for the nature of the required processes.

Who should attend

Accountants keen on refining their processes, reducing repetitive tasks, and boosting efficiency through integration and automation.