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Jeremy Mindell

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HMRC’s victory in the AHK recruitment case was significant for two reasons. The first was that it showed HMRC starting to question R&D expenditure claims.  Secondly the case revealed that the taxpayer appeared to make every conceivable mistake in formulating their R&D claims.  The Hadee Engineering case (also won by HMRC) demonstrated the importance of understanding the principles underlying R&D claims  With R&D claims coming under increasing scrutiny, as the tax reliefs have become greater, it is crucial that taxpayers and their advisors know how to approach R&D claims to give the maximum possible chance of success. There are likely to be significant changes to R&D following the government’s review, notably in terms of the proposed extension to data and cloud applications as well as the limitation of R&D broadly to UK based activity. But one thing is clear; the attention that HMRC will devote in this area is increasing and will cause significant issues to the underprepared.  To Help clients prepare successful R&D claims and to understand the proposed changes in R&D rules 

Key Topics 

  • Identifying the activities that qualify for R&D credits 
  • The differential between small and large company claims 
  • How to record relevant information 
  • How to present an R&D report 
  • Common pitfalls 
  • The new restrictions on claiming cash refund from HMRC 
  • The proposed new rules for 2023 

Who Should Attend 

Managing partner, partners, practice manager, finance partner and aspirational fee earners.