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Gordon Gilchrist

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Of course we could all do with a bit of “lady luck” but we certainly can’t rely on it! As Gary Player famously responded to a voice from the crowd after a brilliant bunker shot “you lucky so & so”, he said to his caddy “It’s a funny thing you know, the more I practice, the luckier I get”.

This webinar will identify the factors that can increase our chances of being lucky – “The more we practice...”!

Key topics

  • Focusing on the things we can control – “we can only worry about the things we can control”
  • Growth strategies
  • Profitability – sustainable to support successive generations
  • Value of the business – the current environment demand is outstripping supply so firms are more valuable today than ever. Do we take advantage? How? Buy, sell, merge? Understand and take advantage (or not) of the typical Private Equity model
  • Team – Doing whatever we can to build and maintain team loyalty – perhaps the most important strategy?
  • Technology – The emergence of Generative AI such as Chat GPT is changing the playing field for both opportunity and risk
  • Risk management – there are so many more risks to consider nowadays, some within our control, some down to luck - Cyber risks, GDPR, (websites, working from home etc) HR, political correctness, economy, interest rates, etc.
  • Persistence pays.

Who should attend

Partners in practice who are interested in succession planning, including the option of selling up