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You can find all the answers you need in our FAQs section below - from understanding how long the process takes, to what is included and how much it will cost.

The order process

1. How can I order?

You can order via our here or if you require more information, you can contact our team websites@the2020group.com

2. How much is the website?

There are a variety of options depending on your requirements and if you have a 2020 Membership. A website can cost as little as £84 per month, while there are no set-up fee’s or hidden costs to get your site live.

3. Are there any set-up costs?

There are no set-up costs if you are to pick from one of our existing designs, which is tailored to your firm. If you would like something bespoke, then please talk to our team.

4. What is included?

The design is included, so you can pick from one of our layouts, personalised to you. Your website will also include valuable content and resources, which will all be automatically updated for you. Plus, if you’re starting out on a website for the first time, then we can supply text for your key pages and services. We will also ensure SEO is carried out on your website.

5. What is the contract length?

There is an initial 12 month contract with a 1 month notice period thereafter.

6. What happens if I cancel within the first 12 months?

If you cancel before the initial 12 months have passed, then you will have to pay the remainder of your contract. You can view our Terms and Conditions for more information

Design and build of a website

1. How long does it take until I have my website live?
We will always aim to get your website live as soon as possible, we always aim within 4 weeks – but this can often be much quicker once we have your information to include.

2. What do I need to do?
A lot of the work has been completed by our team. What we need from you is some information about your firm (and team if you can), the services you offer and any key detail you want us to include. We will then provide you with the content for all the Home, About Us and Services pages, plus we will also provide expert news and resources for you too.

3. Who will design the website?
We have designs that you can pick from, all of which will be personalised for your firm, changing colours, branding and content to suit you. If you want something more bespoke, please contact us to discuss your requirements websites@the2020group.com

4. I already have a website, can I use the same design and content?
Providing you own the rights to the website and content, then yes, this is possible, but it may incur a fee to do so. This is because we have to recreate the designs into our website platform, with the content to then be inserted correctly to the new format.

5. I have my own website, can I just have the content/information?
Yes, see our Content Onlypage where you can find out all about our API

Changes and contacting us

1. Can I make changes to the website myself?
You can make changes to the website yourself. You will be granted access to the key pages of your website, meaning you can update your company news, new team members or latest developments in your firm.

2. Can you make changes to the website for me?
Yes, we can make changes for you. We will always show you how to make changes for future reference, but our team is on-hand to make any changes you need.

3. Is it possible for me to change the design of my website?
We provide a free re-design of your website every two years, where you can pick from one of our designs. If you wish to change the design of your website within the first 24 months, then this will incur a charge depending on your requirements.

4. How can I contact you?
Our team are based in the UK and can be contacted via websites@the2020group.comand +44 (0) 121 314 20205.

5. Is there a charge for making changes to my website?
There is no charge for text edits and adding additional services, profiles or news pages. The only potential charges will be if a request requires a lot of development/functionality work, but we will always discuss this with you first.

Free features to think about

1. Can I include videos?
Yes, we can include videos on your website. We recommend using that you upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo where we can then embed the link into your site. This helps your page load speed, along with SEO.

2. Can I include Google Analytics?
Yes. Simply create your free account with Google and provide us with the tracking code (Google makes this very easy), we will then make sure your site provides you with the stats you need.

3. Can I include my online portal software?
Yes you can. We know there are numerous providers that are used, but please provide us with your portal links and we will create the best solution on your website.

4. Is it possible to add contact forms?
We can include contact forms within your website to encourage current and prospective clients to contact you.

5. Does the website include social media?
No, the website does not include a social media service, but we will link to any existing social media pages you have. Ifyou require your social media marketing to be managed, then please contact our team who can provide this service websites@the2020group.com

6. Can my website take payments?
We do support various payment gateways. Please contact our team who can assess your requirements and find the best way to integrate within your website.

Email function

1. Do you send emails out on my behalf?
Yes, with our website and API with emails services we will send a monthly news round-up to your clients. This will include your branding and link back to your website. This service is additional to the website cost, as we work with Mailchimp.

2. Can I send emails out myself?
Yes, you will be able to send your own emails from the email platform, which is Mailchimp. There will be a limit on how many emails are sent and the number of recipients, if you wish to increase this then there will be an additional charge in accordance with Mailchimp pricing.

3. How many people can I email to?
We utilise Mailchimp to send emails to your clients. For free, you can have 500 contacts and 2,500 sends per month, which is likely to be fine for you. Should you wish to increase this, Mailchimp charges approx £10 per month to increase you sends to 5,000 and contacts to50,000.

4. Is this an additional cost to the website?
There is an additional cost if you would like us to send the news out to your contacts, while Mailchimp is free for up to 500 contacts and 2,500 sends. If you require more than this, then there is a charge.
Depending on whether you have a 2020 Membership, the price for a website andemails will differ. You can find out more on our pricing page.

5. What email platform is used?
We have integrated Mailchimp as the email platform to, which is very to use.

SEO – how do people find my website?

1. What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process used to optimise your website content and build to improve its visibility when people search for related services in a search engine such as Google or Bing.

2. Will everyone be able to find my website?
We will make sure your site is built to industry standard and uses all the best SEO practices to make sure it is competitive for key search terms that may be used to find your firm.

3. I already work with an SEO team, can they work on my site?
Yes, absolutely. We can provide access for your SEO team to work on your site, but please note that we cannot take responsibility for their work should any issues arise.

Getting your site live

1. Do you supply the website domain name?
No, we do not supply the domain name – we find it is easier for you to own your own domain name. There are numerous domain providers available that allow you to easily register and pay a small annual fee. We recommend selecting a domain name relevant to your firm e.g myfirm.co.uk

2. What if I already have a website domain?
We can help make sure that your domain points to your website as soon as it isready to go live.

3. How does my site go live?
Once your site is ready to go live we will supply you with some very simple instructions to follow to make sure you domain will show your new website.

4. Do you look after my emails?
No, we don’t look after your office emails. Please note, your website domain will not affect your email domain e.g name@myfirm.co.uk

Content Only API

1. How can I have your content within my website?
We can supply you with our content via an API, which can be integrated into your website. While this is a task that will not take long at all (a couple of hours), we recommend your developer integrates this for you.

2. Will this look different to the rest of my website?
No, we will supply an API that will allow you to design the content to fit with your website design and branding.

3. Do I have to update the API to get the latest content?
No, our API will automatically update for you, making sure you have the latest news and information for your clients and prospects to access.

Looking to email your contacts?

Keep in touch with your clients, giving them the latest news and updates from your firm. You have your very own Mailchimp account and branded email, tailored to suit the content you want to send.

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