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5 November 2024 - Birmingham

Join hundreds of accounting professionals at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole for the 2024 Annual Conference.





"Destination 2025"

With change around every corner, we review the global and local factors that are shaping UK accountancy firms.

In this practical and thought-provoking conference, we will highlight the steps needed to ensure that your practice is strategically positioned to thrive in 2025 and beyond.

With people, processes and technology in mind, we will navigate the political and economic cross-winds and review emerging trends to identify opportunities, plan ahead and lead our teams into the future.

20:20 Innovation Annual Conference Pricing

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20:20 Innovation Annual Conference Speakers

The 20:20 Innovation Annual Conference will see a line-up of hugely respected and admired keynote speakers from all corners of the accounting industry. Sessions will be hosted by:

David Meade

David is an international speaker, TV personality and mentalist who will challenge his audience to think about the role of mindset and the drivers of decisions that… Read more

Susie Palmer-Trew

Susie is the Chief Change Brain behind 'Everyday Change'. She is committed to making change capability more accessible, scalable and usable, and is focused on making… Read more

Grace Tallon

Grace Tallon is a dynamic entrepreneur, activist and artist, with extensive leadership  experience, and a passion for social justice and progressive change. Grace is… Read more

Sharon Cooke

Sharon is a well-known speaker and consultant within the accountancy profession. Sharon is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Advisor and speaks on all technical… Read more

David Norris

David has been an audit and financial reporting lecturer and consultant since he left practice in 2000. He has experience of lecturing in many contexts and advising… Read more

Billie Mcloughlin

Billie specialises in helping firms maximise their potential, through optimising the framework around their team, technology and processes. Billie is an ACCA member and… Read more

Gordon Gilchrist

Gordon Gilchrist is recognised as a global leading consultant to accountancy firms in the areas of marketing, strategic planning, practice management and increasingly… Read more

Ian Fletcher

Ian is a well known lecturer and business consultant and has gained a reputation for his entertaining style and practical approach to practice management. Ian majors in… Read more

20:20 Innovation Annual Conference Agenda

09.30 - 09.35

Opening Remarks from CEO Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

Welcoming delegates to the Annual Conference and outlining the agenda for the day.

09.35 - 10.05

The worldwide stage - from global to local

Sharon Cooke

David Norris

On the day of the US presidential election and further to the UK general election, Sharon and Dave will highlight upcoming accounting and tax changes while also considering the global political and economic position. From global to local, we will offer insight into the impact on UK accountancy practices, the services they offer and the advice they give.

10.05 - 10.40

Change well, for everyone

Susie Palmer-Trew

Change may be our only constant as we head into 2025. But change handled well can spark growth and opportunity. Susie Palmer-Trew outlines key change management techniques that should be in the toolbox of all practice leaders.

10.40 - 11.00

Introduction to our sponsors

Sharon Cooke

Billie Mcloughlin

Sharon Cooke and Billie Mcloughlin will introduce us to the conference sponsors and highlight what makes them good partners for 20:20 Innovation member firms.

11.00 - 11.30

Break and Exhibition Time

11.30 - 12.00

Systemisation and getting processes right - once and for all

David Norris

With client needs in mind, we take a look at process mapping across key areas of the practice; from onboarding and client communications, through compliance work to added value services. Using this insight, we will consider what your firm can do to increase fees and service clients more effectively.

12.00 - 12.45

Succession planning - the perfect storm

Gordon Gilchrist

Ian Fletcher

The UK accountancy sector is changing fast. Overworked and ageing owners and a talent shortage have led to “The Perfect Storm” for business succession in many firms. In this session Gordon and Ian will outline 3 key strategies to navigate those choppy waters:

1. Defining what you want from your firm for the future;

2. Understanding the choice between internal succession and selling the practice; and

3. Preparing an action plan to ensure “Success Assures Succession!”

This will include live case studies and current examples of actions taken by firms who recognise the need for new ways of doing things.

12.45 - 13.45


13.45 - 14.25

Me, myself and AI

Billie Mcloughlin

In this session, we review the current artificial intelligence (AI) landscape and explore how to leverage AI in the accountancy industry. This will include:

  • a practical demonstration of easy wins;
  • real-life examples of accessible AI tools;
  • building an AI implementation plan as part of your 'Destination 2025' strategy; and
  • enabling your team to be more efficient by using AI to address industry-specific challenges.

14.25 - 15.00

Working smarter and sharing the benefits

Grace Tallon

In another practical session, we look at the latest proven concepts for increasing efficiency and reducing working hours. Not only waving goodbye to 6 or 7 day working weeks, could we discover a world with ongoing quality client service and increasing fees alongside increased flexibility for us and our teams. If we get this right, we stand to make strides in inclusivity, diversity and general workplace productivity and wellbeing.

15.00 - 15.30

Break and Exhibition Time

15.30 - 16.25

Growth Mindset - Changing the way teams Think, Act, & Behave every day

David Meade

To conclude a packed day of ideas and insights, international speaker, TV personality and mentalist David Meade will bring the focus back to your 'Destination' for 2025 and how growth can be achieved. This high-energy, interactive session, will challenge us to think about the role of mindset and the drivers of decisions that achieve engagement. This will include:

  • Understanding the growth mindset
  • Leading engaged and motivated teams
  • Utilising flexible thinking skills

16.25 - 16.30

Closing remarks from 20:20 Innovation CEO Michael Roberts

If you want to keep up to date with what's happening in the accountancy profession, then you need to attend the 20:20 Innovation conferences. They're excellent and give lots of food for thought!

– Gloria Murray, Murray Associates

20:20 Innovation always provides an informative and positive experience, emphasising what we need to know and telling us how great us accountants are!

– Graham Hunt, Graham Hunt & Co

The 20:20 Innovation conference allows finance professionals to network, meet exhibitors and look forward to changes coming down the track

– Stuart Anthony, Financial Executives Group

20:20 Innovation Annual Conference Venue

Hilton Birmingham Metropole
National Exhibition Centre
Pendigo Way
B40 1PP

A limited amount of hotel rooms are available for a special rate on Monday 4th November via the button below.

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Alternative hotel options

Genting Hotel
Pendigo Way / Perimeter Rd
Marston Green
B40 1PU

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Moxy Birmingham NEC
Marston Green
B40 1NT

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20:20 Innovation Annual Conference Exhibitors

Some of the biggest names in accounting are exhibiting at the Spring Conference. If you're interested in exhibiting or would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Clair Doyle via clair.doyle@2020innovation.com

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