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We offer consultancy in the areas of marketing, technology, practice management and a range of organisational issues.


We help you develop marketing plans for your practice, and provide follow-up support as you put your plans into action. Our consultancy covers the following topics:

  • Building a marketing culture
  • Implementing the plan
  • Recruiting and training marketing personnel

Technology efficiency and effectiveness

We evaluate your systems and workflows, identifying opportunities to use technology to create efficiencies within your practice:

  • Identifying potential problem areas
  • Full end-to-end process mapping of the software you use
  • Summary report with recommendations

Technology change-management support

First, we identify the need to change your software and processes, and then carry out the conversion project:

  • Scoping, researching potential software, and reporting on findings
  • Helping with introducing software, including support before and after implementation
  • Ensuring we explore all integrations, with automation at peak efficiency for your requirements

Partner strategy days or retreats

We arrange strategy days or retreats for partners and managers, including the following elements:

  • Identifying key issues through confidential questionnaires
  • Individual interviews
  • Documentation and implementation
  • Building a ‘one-firm’ culture
  • A focus on change, results and accountability


Our advice on initiatives to significantly raise profitability can cover any of these areas:

  • Better people management
  • Incentive remuneration systems
  • Chargeable-hour management
  • Improving fee structures
  • Better billing practices
  • WIP and debtor controls

Structural change

Practice mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, retirement, partner withdrawals and new partner admissions. These are just some of the matters we can help with, if your firm is going through structural change.

Client satisfaction surveys

The most successful and profitable practices take time to listen to their clients, so they can offer genuinely valuable services. We’ve developed a proven approach to surveying your clients, involving questions such as:

  • What do they care about?
  • What are their concerns when dealing with your firm?
  • How do they rate your practice?
  • What other services are they interested in?

Fee growth

We help you implement methods designed to increase your average fees while reducing the time spent. These are some of the areas you can improve to earn more:

  • Managing your work pipeline
  • Preparing for meetings
  • Lead generation
  • Effective language skills
  • Resolving client concerns
  • Pricing
  • Proposal writing
  • Discovering needs
  • Closing and getting paid
  • Establishing effective referral systems
  • Cross-selling
  • Negotiation

Leadership development

To accelerate the progress of your firm’s leaders and potential leaders, we offer consulting, mentoring and focus groups, covering a range of skills and personal qualities:

  • Client management
  • Critical thinking and crisis management
  • Cultural fit
  • Communication
  • Business development
  • Commercial awareness
  • Loyalty
  • Time management
  • Mentoring
  • Establishing a ‘personal brand’
  • Conflict resolution
  • Risk-reward analysis

For more information about our consultancy services, please email consultancy@2020innovation.com