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How can 20:20 Innovation help your accounting firm with CPD, training and more?

When you join 20:20 Innovation, your accountancy practice will have your own Customer Account Manager as your main point of contact.

Your Customer Account Manager will provide an online demo for you and your team, so you know what training and resources we offer. Then they’re on hand to answer any questions about your membership, and to help you and your team make the most of it.

Not currently a 20:20 innovation member?

Simply request a demo using the button above and one of our Customer Account Managers will be in touch. They’ll tell you more about us, and how you can benefit from our professional training, marketing support and growth strategies.


Let one of our expert team call you back to get you booked onto a demo at a time that suits you. Your firmwide CPD requirements, marketing support and business growth are just around the corner so contact us today.

Supporting Accountants with CPD, Advisory Services and Business Growth

How can accountants get CPD?

If you’re an accountant you know that you must log your CPD hours for you and your team annually. Here at 20:20 Innovation we support over 1,200 accounting firms with their firmwide CPD requirements through a range of resources including webinars, training and consultancy.

If you’re an accountant, whether you’re a sole practioner or a firm of multiple partners, 20:20 Innovation can help. We have a team built on industry-leading expertise and experience who can help advise and support your practice.

3 Simple Steps...

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Easy registration through automated calendar link to choose a time that suits you


Short 30 minute demo with one of our expert Customer Account Managers


Access a FREE sample webinar recording of your choice after the demo

20:20 Innovation continue to be a key support to our business providing knowledge, training, tools and resources.

– Michael Rigby, Leonherman Chartered Accountants

Our firm re-joined 20:20 Innovation this year and what a great decision that has been. Your webinars have been great at focusing our thoughts and actions too.

– Debbie Scrivins, Clark Scrivins

An enjoyable and well organised conference involving a great range of speakers, exhibitors and just the right amount of sweets!

– Daniel Swann, Swann Accounting Limited