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Buying, selling or merging your accountancy practice? We can help.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the accountancy sector are on the rise. A significant number of firms have an ageing partner group, and more and more entrepreneurial firms are looking to add blocks of fees.

Our specialist service, 20:20 Innovation Practice M&A, offers a wealth of experience for firms planning to buy, sell or merge. Having led transactions in our own firms, we understand the challenges involved in making critical practice decisions. We’re also used to leading on sales and purchases and have proven negotiating skills. We know what it takes to make transactions succeed.

We also understand that it’s not all about doing deals at any cost. It’s about helping you achieve your firm’s long-term goals – so, only when it’s right, will we recommend a particular buy, sell or merger transaction.

Our process

Once we’ve discussed your aims and ambitions, and have a good understanding of you and your firm, we help you produce an action plan to prepare for your purchase, sale or merger. If you’re selling, we then help you prepare your sales prospectus, and use our comprehensive database to research suitable purchasers. If you’re buying or merging, we use the same resources to find potential sellers or partners. Throughout, we’ll call on whatever skills it takes to reach a successful conclusion.

Before we start, we agree with you our fees and terms of business – which you’ll find highly competitive.

M&A Action Pack

For 20:20 Innovation Platinum members, we’ve produced an M&A Action Pack, explaining the steps and procedures when buying, selling or merging practices. It gives you an overview of the planning, methods and post-transaction actions for buying, selling and merger (BSM) activities, along with checklists and example documents.

Get your copy of the M&A Action Pack below.