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Whether you are yet to get your teeth into accounting technology, you lack the time to explore, or tech fatigue has set in, Tech-Talk is for you.

Tech-Talk has been developed specifically for accountants to help improve their working practices and firm technology. Our team has more than a decade of experience, providing the knowledge, support and insight you need to help transform your approach to software and processes.

With top firms spending on average 5.4% of revenue on hardware and software, getting it right is important - especially when there’s an opportunity for a high return on investment. If you’re struggling to get your teeth into digital technology - through lack of time or ‘tech fatigue’ - Tech-Talk is for you.

  • Quarterly focus group
  • Exclusive quarterly update webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Fact sheets
  • App stack templates and examples
  • Generative AI content
  • Access to our community group
  • Checklists
  • Training directory

Meet our digital technologies expert - Billie Mcloughlin

Billie Mcloughlin

Practice Consultant

In a fast-changing industry, practitioners can’t be expected to stay constantly up to speed - and employing a software expert with accounting qualifications and experience isn’t an option for many of our members. But with Tech-Talk, you benefit from the knowledge and guidance of someone who has ‘been there and done that’. 

Someone who is continually keeping up to date, and can keep you and your team up to date, too. That’s our digital technologies expert, Billie Mcloughlin. With an in-depth understanding of digital systems, Billie offers a fresh perspective on the new era of accountancy. Through Tech-Talk, her insights will save you both time and money.

What does Tech-Talk include?

Quarterly focus groups

A small number of Tech-Talk members come together for up to 90 minutes to discuss their digital technology challenges and solutions, expertly chaired by Billie Mcloughlin. We run the groups as live sessions, and they’re not recorded, which keeps the discussions open and relaxed. 

Exclusive quarterly updates

Billie presents quarterly webinars on new and developing software for accountants. She does all the research for you, identifying quick wins and highlighting any traps to avoid. The webinars are live, and we record them for the exclusive use of Tech-Talk members.

Monthly newsletters

We provide monthly newsletters to keep you and your colleagues up to date with the latest news, updates, topics and features relevant to accounting software. You’ll also be able to extract relevant articles to send to your clients.

Fact sheets and checklists

These are a handy reference for you and your team when making digital technology decisions.

App stack guidance

We offer templates and examples to help you build the most efficient and resilient practice using the best fintech available.

Reactive sessions

One-off informative training sessions to ensure you and your team are up-to-date with the latest features and functionality in your existing systems as well as developments in the latest generative AI.

Training directory

Your one-stop shop for a bank of external, free-of-charge (unless otherwise stated), software training. Training and education links are from a variety of sources including the software vendors themselves.

This means you only have to visit one place to ensure your team has access to training on all your internal systems.

Tech-Talk is great for every stage of the tech journey, Billie is excellent at presenting these groups and her knowledge is amazing!

– Matthew Jones, Leavitt Walmsley Associates Ltd

What does Tech-Talk cost?

Open to all, Tech-Talk is priced according to firm size. The prices below are monthly and exclude VAT.

Platinum memberPremier Plus memberNon-memberNumber of focus group places each quarter
Sole practitioner
2-5 partner firm
6-9 partner firm
10 or more partners

So that’s all your firm’s technology advice and research from as little as £528 + VAT a year. This is a big saving on the fees you’d need to pay a consultant for the same services, and shows the value of 20:20 Innovation member firms working together.

Subscription is for a minimum 12-month period, or until the end of your current 20:20 Innovation membership, if applicable.

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How to Join and Access Resources

Already a Tech-Talk member? Click below to access the training and resources. 

Not a Tech-Talk member? Purchase a subscription above. If you are a 20:20 Innovation member, login before purchasing your Tech-Talk subscription to receive your membership discount!

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Focus Group Dates

All times are 1pm - 2:30pm
5 June 2024

18 September 2024
11 December 2024       

Webinar Dates

All times are 12pm - 1pm
21 June 2024
16 September 2024
13 December 2024                                                                 


Do you have to be a 20:20 Innovation member to join Tech-Talk?

No, we want to make this support available to any firm. But we do offer a discount for 20:20 Innovation members, and would recommend booking a demo with our team to find out more about the services we offer in our main membership package.

Who should join?

Any practice looking to benefit from technological change. Whether you’re starting out and need advice on where to begin, or feel you need to keep up to date and make more of your current systems, Tech-Talk will help.

What do you get as a member of Tech-Talk?

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Regularly updated fact sheets and product demos
  • App stack template
  • Interactive focus group sessions
  • Quarterly tech round-ups

How much does it cost?

Depending on the size of your business, membership costs between £44 and £150 a month for the entire firm - see the pricing table above. Places on the focus groups are limited as shown, to ensure group sizes stay small.

There’s a minimum 12-month term.

How do you access Tech-Talk resources?

Tech-Talk members can access the resources in the dashboard.

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