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20:20 Innovation Website Changes Explained

13 Nov 2023

As an accountant, you will no doubt undertake continuous professional development from a range of sources. This may be solely through a CPD and training provider for accountancy, like 20:20 Innovation, or it may be through a combination of CPD webinars and things like podcasts and other technical reading.

At 20:20 Innovation we want to make it as easy as possible for accountants to be able to record and monitor CPD. Particularly in light of the recent changes to CPD on 1st November 2023 from the ICAEW.

This article highlights the enhancements we have made to our 20:20 Innovation member area. In My 20:20 Innovation Training, all of your accountancy webinars and CPD training provided by 20:20 Innovation are automatically recorded for you, and in My Other Training, you are able to easily record the other CPD learning you do.

If you would like more information about becoming a 20:20 Innovation member, why not book a free 30-minute demo with our team today.

Who are 20:20 Innovation?

20:20 Innovation are amongst the UK’s leading providers of accountancy support. This includes verifiable CPD through topical accountancy webinars. 20:20 Innovation provides over one hundred webinars, across a broad range of technical and growth topic areas, to offer firmwide training for accountants.

Formed in 1998, 20:20 Innovation now supports over 1,200 member firms with a varied technical training programme. Accountants also benefit from practice management and development support and growth advice if they become a member.

What has changed in the 20:20 Innovation website?

As part of the drive to continually improve and optimise the 20:20 Innovation service, changes have been made to the website to allow greater CPD tracking in one place. These can be summarised as:

1. Addition of ‘My other training’ area

Rather than using disparate systems to record and report on learning activities, 20:20 Innovation has provided enhanced website functionality for training done outside of 20:20 Innovation webinars (“other training”) to be recorded on the 20:20 Innovation dashboard and contribute towards the individual’s assessed CPD hour targets.

2. Per-person ‘My teams training’ area

In an upgrade to the ‘My teams training’ area, it is now possible to easily view CPD training progress across your entire team, and filter to certain offices or members of certain professional bodies at a touch of a button.

More information about each enhancement is shown below.

20:20 Innovation website showing CPD accountancy webinars

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CPD Tracking for Accountants

CPD tracking is an essential tool for accountants looking to report on their annual requirements.

20:20 Innovation members get access to fantastic CPD tracking and reporting functionality on the 20:20 Innovation website. Our interactive dashboard provides all users with full tracking of their 20:20 Innovation webinar activity along with the ability to record any other CPD undertaken such as:

  • Technical reading.
  • Podcasts.
  • Research.
  • Other training courses.

All of this time then tracks against individual user CPD targets (entered via My Account), allowing individuals to see how they’re doing in meeting their personal verifiable and total CPD requirements.

Reports can be produced at any time and tailored to the user’s particular needs.

20:20 Innovation members can access their webinar activity in ‘My 20:20 Innovation Training’.

In addition, members will now see ‘My Other Training’ in their dashboard. This is where any additional CPD training can be recorded against their total CPD requirements.

20:20 Innovation website portal for accountants

Firmwide Reporting via My Team’s Training

One of the major benefits of being a 20:20 Innovation member is that your membership pricing is for firmwide CPD, training and support. On those lines, 20:20 Innovation members can assign designated individuals as ‘training coordinators’ with visibility over the CPD activity of everyone in the team.

Training coordinators have access to a ‘My Team’s Training’ area of the website, including a list of their firm’s team members and their individual:

  • CPD targets – total and verifiable.
  • CPD hours achieved – total and verifiable.
  • CPD hour variances; showing who is on track to meet their targets and who might need some additional support.

For each individual, the details behind the numbers can be shown at the touch of a button.

The useful filters allow the training coordinators to drill down into:

  • Members of a particular professional body.
  • Individuals that self-assess as ICAEW Category 1, 2 or 3.
  • Individuals located within a particular office.

A range of CSV reports can be produced, allowing full tailoring to your own reporting and record-keeping needs.

This is a great feature for firm-wide monitoring.

20:20 Innovation website for accountants
20:20 Innovation website showing team training for accountants CPD

Can 20:20 Innovation help with CPD tracking?

As 20:20 Innovation members will know, CPD is at the heart of what we do. A 20:20 Innovation membership will enable you to concentrate on winning new clients and delivering quality services to your existing client portfolio. You can do so in the knowledge that you and your team have market-leading CPD training and firmwide support from a best-in-class provider.

If you would like more information about using 20:20 Innovation for your CPD tracking or accountancy support, why not book a free 30-minute demo with our team today or call us on +44 (0) 121 314 2020.

Simply fill in your details on the form below for a no-obligation callback.