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If you recommend us to another accountancy firm, tax professional or bookkeeper – and they join us – we’ll give you a Love2shop voucher code worth £150. You can redeem it online in over 20,000 stores, so it’s very easy to spend. Also, the person you refer to us gets a £50 voucher, thanks to you.

How it works

Step 1.

You fill in the form below to refer a practising accounting firm, tax professional or bookkeeper – anyone you know who’ll benefit from 2020 membership. Please let them know we’ll be contacting them soon after that.

Step 2.

We contact the firm you refer, and offer them a demo.

Step 3.

If the firm becomes a member, you receive a voucher code worth £150*, which you can use online. We also send the person you refer a voucher code worth £50. Everyone receives their vouchers within 30 days of the firm you refer becoming a member.

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*We give you the £150 voucher if the firm you refer joins within six months of the referral date. This offer excludes existing 20:20 Innovation members – if you refer one inadvertently, we’ll let you know.