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A useful collection of fact sheets aimed at improving your internal software and offering.

App stack blocks - software categories
Identifies the blocks needed within your app stack and which software categories fall into each.

Master app stack
Find out what is involved in an app stack and gain knowledge on what to consider within yours.

MTD for ITSA - approved software
Always be up to date with MTD for ITSA with details on HMRC approved software.

Top 7 tips for tech
Our top tips to ensure you and your firms are making the most of the digital movement in accountancy.

Job specification
This will help you know what to expect and what to discuss with potential candidates moving into the digital change space in accounting.

Top 7 Tips for Tech
MTD for ITSA approved software
Job Specification
Master App Stack
App stack blocks Software categories


Building an app stack can be daunting. Here we offer templates to help you get started along with reviews of some of the most popular software on the market. This includes helping you pick the most efficient products to create seamless processes, whilst utilising your current systems where possible.

Client app recommendation report
Designed to help your clients structure a report.

Integration opportunities and action sheet
A template to help you work through the integrations opportunities of your existing software and create an action plan for any existing integrations you wish to put in place.

ROI calculator
Helps you work with your clients or bookkeeping department to prove the savings in time and money of implementing a data input technology such as DEXT or Auto Entry.

Client App Recommendation Report
Integration Opportunities and Action sheet
ROI calculator Data input software

Additional Resources

Mileage Tracker

A summary comparison of the most popular software on the market in this area.

Top 5 Guide

This is a summary of the top 5 things to consider When your software vendor puts up their price and you are deliberating on change.

Mileage Tracker
Top 5 Guide