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How to broach outsourcing in the office

16 May 2024

Written by AdvanceTrack

If you’re looking to outsource accounting tasks, then internal communications require sensitivity and timing. None more so than when going through a change project.

Communication around outsourcing accounting and offshoring accounting requires careful consideration. It is, after all, a change management project – and change can be disruptive.

The most successful outsourcing and offshoring migration projects have all been guided by some of these key points:

1. Ensure you have a clear accounting migration strategy

While it may seem obvious, the first communications about outsourcing to those impacted must be before rollout. However, timing is a sensitive matter. The firm’s leaders must be clear in their minds that, strategically, outsourcing or offshoring is going to work for them. Too many ‘voices’ too early in the decision-making process will make it difficult to build a consensus. Check out our ultimate guide to building a successful outsourcing strategy for accountancy and tax practices.

2. Communicate any team restructuring changes clearly

Jobs will be impacted by the introduction of outsourcing or offshoring, though in our experience these changes are generally for the better – and it is rare that people lose jobs because of such a strategy. Therefore, communicating that jobs are safe is critical in initial discussions with the wider business.

3. Select ‘champions’ to support your accountancy migration project

The next vital step in communication involves picking ‘champions’ within the firm to both support project management and relay information up and down the chain. Again, your choices here are important – we have seen ‘naysayers’ picked as champions, and it is important to have some representation of viewpoints (alongside distinct roles or responsibilities).

Subsequently, it is important that the people feel genuinely involved. We genuinely think that the vast majority of outsourcing and offshoring projects enhance the working lives of people impacted by the change. It might not always be appreciated by those involved, but there is a communication hurdle to clear in terms of the focus not just being on cost-savings – roles will develop and that should create opportunities and a ‘better’ or more interesting working environment to be within. For example, perhaps the hours worked will be lower and more consistent.

Ultimately, the benefits of outsourcing and offshoring should be clear, but bear in mind that change can be disruptive to working patterns and can therefore be seen as unwelcome and resisted. Approach the communication aspect of change as clearly as appreciating and desiring the benefits.

You can find out more about AdvanceTrack via their Partner Resource Centre page.