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Louise Wilson

Having been a client of Moneypenny, as well as a supplier, Louise was so impressed with the service quality and inimitable culture that she transitioned from a successful 20-year career in recruitment, to the forward-thinking environment at Moneypenny, joining our business development team in 2017. It was in this role that she masterfully built trusted relationships with clients and partners in the professional services sector, before taking a keen focus on providing solutions to the finance industry. Louise now heads our finance sector and it’s thanks to her determination that Moneypenny has a team of dedicated receptionists answering calls and chats for hundreds of accountancy and finance professionals. Combining her unrivalled knowledge with her experience as a Moneypenny customer, Louise has a profound understanding of the challenges our clients face in outsourcing and growing their businesses: “Every client is different, but the common thread is an aim to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve service, so it’s a pleasure to provide them with a solution that does just that.”