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Mohammed Khayam

Mohammed is a chartered accountant with over 12 years of experience working with accountancy firms. He is the Director of Exel Accountancy Ltd, an accounting firm based in Watford.

In 2016, Moh founded Exel Solutions, an offshore staffing solutions company that helps startups and SMEs in the UK hire remote accountants from Sri Lanka to work as full-time employees. Drawing from his personal experience in offshoring staff, Exel Solutions provides comprehensive managerial, human resources, IT, and payroll support to facilitate this service.

Moh is dedicated to helping SME accountancy firms grow by offering cost-effective solutions that maximize efficiency and address fixed overhead costs. His offshoring module is designed to require no long-term commitment, allowing clients to experience its benefits with a "plug and play" approach. While Exel Solutions legally employs the personnel, they work exclusively for the client, who directly manages their day-to-day activities and instructions.