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Robert Brooker

Robert Brooker is Head of Forensics and Fraud within PKF GM and formerly Head of Fraud at Transport for London (“TfL”). He is an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (“ACFS”), Financial
Investigation and Wicklander - Zulawski Non-Confrontational Interview Technique trained. 

Robert has led disciplinary and criminal investigations, concerning Fraud, Bribery and Corruption, security breaches, cybercrime, intellectual property and procurement allegations. He has worked in the private, public and not for profit sector within fraud, bribery and corruption, in addition to Fraud Risk Management for over 20 years.

Robert is also Chair of the London Fraud Forum, a public/private partnership dedicated to best practice in preventing, detecting and investigating fraud, bribery and corruption. As well as being a founding member of United Kingdom Identity Fraud Advisory a social enterprise assisting victims of identity fraud to repair their identity.