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1. Becoming a 20:20 Innovation Member and Payment

Please visit the 20:20 Innovation website at www.2020innovation.com , call the office on T. 0121 314 2020 or email membership@2020innovation.com to become a 20:20 Innovation Member. Payment is required in full or monthly via Direct Debit. Upon receipt of your membership order, you will be emailed a VAT invoice and confirmation in connection with your Membership.

2. Membership Benefits

20:20 Innovation will send you a confirmation email detailing how you access the benefits associated with the membership type you have subscribed to.

3. 20:20 Innovation Membership Subscription Notice

Upon receipt of membership order confirmation, the contract between us for the supply of the membership services shall come into force.

20:20 Innovation will provide the Member with a range of webinars, products and other events outlined on the Membership and Training Programme which can be accessed via its website www.the2020innovation.com.

There are two membership subscriptions available, each with varying benefits as outlined at https://www.2020innovation.com/2020-membership.

The webinars, products and other resources included within the Members subscription are made available to all fee-earners on an “unlimited” basis.

Membership payment method:

  1. Payment in 12 equal monthly instalments. 20:20 Innovation will take payment via its website using Smart Debit as the provider.

Membership payment will attract VAT at the prevailing rate and a VAT invoice for the annual membership subscription will be issued upon receipt of your membership order.

The 20:20 Innovation Member acknowledges that 20:20 Innovation Membership is an annual subscription and can only be cancelled upon 12 months anniversary of the membership order. In the event the Member cancels their Direct Debit before the total annual membership subscription has been paid to 20:20 Innovation, then the Member agrees to settle the remaining balance due to 20:20 Innovation within 28 days of the cancelling the Direct Debit.

In the event the Member cancel their membership subscription then all access to membership benefits including any webinars in the past and in the future will be revoked, including any booked webinars made within a membership subscription. The member agrees to remove any links to 20:20 Innovation related websites, such as Client Resources, Client Learning Centre and 20:20 Innovation Finance from their own website. The member also agrees to remove any resources from its own website, marketing and or social media channels that are included with the membership subscription, including but not limited to, publications, spreadsheets, videos and templates.

4. Fair Usage and Partner Definition

The 20:20 Innovation member is responsible for providing 20:20 Innovation with a current and accurate ‘partner’ headcount at the start of each membership period, for the purposes of establishing membership benefits and pricing. ‘We use partner numbers to broadly estimate the amount of technical training and other support that your firm requires. In terms of defining a partner, we count any partner, director or similar who is a general practice portfolio holder and takes ultimate responsibility for the services provided to their portfolio of clients (without anyone else routinely reviewing their work). This could include both equity and non-equity partners of a partnership and both shareholders and Directors of a company. It would not include managers who hold a portfolio but whose work is all undertaken in the name of and/or reviewed by a separately named partner.

It is acceptable for non-general practice partners to be excluded from the headcount i.e. those who run teams or services outside of taxation, audit, financial reporting, management accounting, advisory and compliance. For example, you may exclude financial services partners, corporate finance partners and HR partners. The managing partner or principal should always be included in the headcount. This can be judgmental and so to ensure full transparency and mutual fairness, we ask you to disclose your headcount basis and assumptions to us, if there is any area of uncertainty. Our friendly team are always on hand to advise and will ensure a consistent and fair approach across our client base.

It is not possible to take out a membership just for a certain person or team. All general practice partners of your firm must be included. Our membership is however very cost competitive and there are a range of ways in which all teams can benefit.

Please inform us of any changes to partner numbers during your membership period. In most cases, this will not affect your membership price but it will enable us to process your next renewal efficiently. We do reserve the right to increase the current membership fee in circumstances of partner growth achieved by acquiring another firm.

Given increasing changes to a ‘typical’ accountancy practice structure, the following maximum whole-firm headcounts apply within each membership band. It is the responsibility of the 20:20 Innovation member to monitor and inform 20:20 Innovation should their whole practice headcounts exceed these numbers:

  • Sole practitioner - 20 individuals
  • 2-5 partner - 100 individuals
  • 6-9 partner - 180 individuals
  • 10-15 partner - 300 individuals

Membership pricing is based on singular practices / legal entities. 20:20 Innovation also offers training and support to networks, associations and other groups or cohorts of practices. Please contact us for pricing and terms in these circumstances.

5. Use of Your Information and Privacy Policy

20:20 Innovation understands that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your information is used and shared online. We respect and value the privacy of everyone who visits our site and will only collect and use information in ways that are useful to you and in a manner consistent with your rights and our obligations under the law.
Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

6. Use of Resources

The 20:20 Innovation Member has full rights to use any resources included within 20:20 Innovation Membership on their website, social media and other marketing channels, for as long as they remain a fully paid up member firm.

The 20:20 Innovation Members shall not disclose, release or pass a copy of any templates, resources, or other material to any third party other than a client or prospect without the express permission of 20:20 Innovation Training Ltd.