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Throughout this page ‘we’ and ‘us’ should be read as referring to 20:20 Innovation Training Limited.

1. Scope of Services

1.1 In all cases, the detailed scope of our services will be agreed with you in writing. We require this communication to be agreed in writing by you before we commence our services.

1.2 If there are other services that you wish us to carry out which are not listed in the agreed scope, please let us know and we will discuss with you whether they can be included in the scope of our work. If we agree to carry out additional services for you, we will provide you with new or amended confirmation terms.

1.3 Ways in which you can help us to give you the best service are set out in the General tab.

2. Confidentiality

2.1 Unless we are authorised by you to disclose information on your behalf, we confirm that if you give us confidential information we will, at all times, keep it confidential, except as required by law or as provided for in regulatory, ethical or other professional pronouncements applicable to us or our engagement.

2.2 You agree that, if we act for other clients who are or who become your competitors, it will be sufficient for us to take the steps that we consider to be appropriate in order to preserve the confidentiality of information given to us by you. These steps will be the same or similar as we take in preserving the confidentiality of our own information.

2.3 In addition, if we act for other clients whose interests are or may be conflicting to yours, we will manage the conflict by implementing additional safeguards to preserve confidentiality. Safeguards may include measures such as separate teams, physical separation of teams, and separate arrangements for storage of, and access to, information. You agree that the effective implementation of such steps or safeguards will provide adequate measures to avoid any real risk of confidentiality being impaired.

2.4 We may, on occasions, subcontract work on your affairs to other skilled consultants and entities. All such work would continue to be ultimately provided by us and subject to our normal quality control procedures. Your data will not be transferred out of our systems. The subcontractors will be bound by our client confidentiality terms.

2.5 We reserve the right to list names of our clients for promotional purposes.

2.6 Where we make use of external or cloud-based systems, we will ensure confidentiality of your information is maintained.

2.7 This applies in addition to our obligations on data protection as set out in the General tab.

3. Conflicts of interest

3.1 We will inform you if we become aware of any conflict of interest in our relationship with you or in our relationship with you and another client, unless we are unable to do so because of our confidentiality obligations. We have safeguards that can be implemented to protect the interests of different clients if a conflict arises. If conflicts are identified which cannot be managed in a way that protects your interests, we regret that we will be unable to provide further services.

3.2 If there is a conflict of interest that is capable of being addressed successfully by the adoption of suitable safeguards to protect your interests, we will adopt those safeguards. During and after our engagement, you agree that we reserve the right to act for other clients whose interests are or may compete with or be adverse to yours, subject, of course, to our obligations of confidentiality and the safeguards set out in the section on confidentiality above.

4. Fees and payment terms

4.1 We will agree invoice terms with you in our written confirmation. These terms may be that we invoice in advance of services provided and/or on completion of the agreed services. In all cases, our invoices will be due for payment within 30 days of issue, unless a direct debit schedule is agreed to. Our fees are exclusive of VAT which will be added where it is chargeable. Any disbursements we incur on your behalf, and expenses incurred in the course of carrying out our work for you, will be added to our invoices where appropriate.

4.2 We reserve the right to charge interest on late paid invoices at the rate of 8% above bank base rates under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. We also reserve the right to suspend our services or to cease to act for you, having given written notice, if payment of any fees is unduly delayed. We intend to exercise these rights only if it is fair and reasonable to do so.

4.3 If you do not accept that an invoiced fee is fair and reasonable, you must notify us within 21 days of receipt, failing which, you will be deemed to have accepted that payment is due.

4.4 If a client company, trust or other entity is unable or unwilling to settle our fees, we reserve the right to seek payment from the individual (or parent company) giving us instructions on behalf of the client, and we shall be entitled to enforce any sums due against the group company or individual nominated to act for you.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 We will retain all intellectual property rights in any document prepared by us during the course of providing the tailored training, except where the law specifically states otherwise.

6. Tailored training cancellation or postponement

6.1 Either party may cancel or postpone a confirmed tailored training event in the following circumstances:-

– By us – We will only cancel or postpone confirmed tailored training events in exceptional circumstances (e.g. presenter sickness) and will endeavour to give as much notice as possible, albeit the nature of the circumstances may prevent this. In these circumstances you may either cancel the tailored training without charge or work with us to re-arrange for next best available date.

– By you – You may cancel or postpone a confirmed tailored training event by giving more than 30 days’ notice. If less than 30 days’ notice is given, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the agreed fee, if the presenter time cannot otherwise be re-allocated to another client.