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Talk with experts and fellow accountants in our Virtual Member Meetings

20:20 Innovation membership includes complimentary attendance at Virtual Member Meetings (VMMs). Here are the most frequently asked questions.

What is a Virtual Member Meeting?

VMMs are online forums exclusively for 20:20 Innovation members. They provide a supportive and collaborative environment in which to exchange ideas and solutions to practical problems.

How does attending a VMM benefit your firm?

Attending a VMM provides the opportunity to ‘ask an expert’ about the issues/problems you face in your practice.

Members find drawing on the experience of other practices in the 20:20 Innovation community helps them to avoid common pitfalls in their own practice. VMMs address topics such as efficiency and profitability and facilitate meaningful connections.

What topics are covered?

Topics for discussion will be largely led by participants on the day, and will focus on areas that matter to you, such as profitability, recruitment (including retention), technology, marketing and attracting the right clients.

Who hosts VMMs?

Virtual Member Meetings are hosted by 20:20 Innovation experts, including Ian Fletcher, Gordon Gilchrist, Sharon Cooke and Billie Mcloughlin.

Can I book any VMM date?

Each meeting is tailored to meet the needs of firms of any size so, subject to availability, you can register free of charge for any meeting date.

Is there a limit to how many people can register for a VMM?

Yes, we limit VMMs to small groups to encourage open conversation, so be sure to secure your place.

Where can I view all VMM dates?

You will see all VMM dates here.

When is the next VMM and how do I register?

The next VMM takes place on 7th September at 2pm with host Ian Fletcher. Places are also available on 24th October 2023.

Registering is easy. Click the 'Book your place' button below and select your preferred date or email events@2020innovation.com

The next Virtual Member Meeting takes place on 7th September 2023 at 2pm with host Ian Fletcher.  There is availability at our 7 September, 24 October and 28 November 2023 meetings.

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